Websites plugins and extensions

If you need to add custom functionality to your website, we can help you. We can develop brand new plugin from scratch or integrate existing one into your site.

WordPress plugins and widgets

The most of our websites are based on WordPress CMS, which is industry leading content management system with millions of websites based on it and vibrant community of developers building custom extensions (plugins). We can help you customize existing plugins or develop brand new plugins from scratch.

Some plugins that we developed in the past:

Sometimes you don’t need custom plugin or widget. All you need is a one or two additional functions or existing plugin from WordPress repository.

Customizing existing plugins

WordPress CMS has probably the largest repository of plugins. There are simple plugins, which can be integrated into your website with just a few clicks, and complicated ones, which need significant amount of knowledge to setup proper configuration. Also, there are good plugins and poorly written plugins (don’t work well, use a lot of resources, interfere with other plugins or functions).

Selecting a good, properly working plugin, testing it, setting up configuration can be a challenging task sometimes and we will be happy to assist you.

Extensions of the custom websites

If your website is not based on WordPress CMS, or WordPress doesn’t provide sufficient resources for plugin that you may need (which is very unlikely), we possess sufficient amount of knowledge and experience to develop custom solution for you and seamlessly integrate it into your system.

Please contact us (416) 830-6640 for free estimate.