Website optimization and troubleshooting

The Internet is the most competitive area, and almost every company has a website. One of the key elements for success nowadays is to have highly optimized and error free website. The highly optimized website will not only put you ahead of the competition, but it will also reduce its running cost as errors tempt to consume hosting resources very quickly.

Several website optimization areas, that we are focusing at

Item Description
Site errors We look at mark-up errors (HTML, CSS), script errors (PHP, JavaScript or JQuery, etc.), missing files. Not only some of this errors can make your website slow, they will also affect you SEO ranking.
Site performance We say to our clients – you don’t have too much time to make a good impression on website visitors. New visitors spend at most 1.4sec on any page on the web. Therefore, optimization of the website is the key aspect of visitor retention and turning your website visitors into clients.

Our performance optimization activity will include several elements:

  • Optimization of the code
  • Optimization of the graphics
  • Reduction of the server requests (combining graphics and JavaScript files together)
  • Implementation of parallel resource loading
  • Implementation of the page caching
  • Implementation of Content Delivery Network
Site design
  • Overall design style
  • Navigation structure
  • Page layout, colours, typography
  • Advertisement placement and sizes
  • Interactivity
  • Responsiveness and optimization for mobile

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