Website development services

We create a custom design for every website, and we focus on visual appearance, usability and performance, but our primary goal is Your Success. We achieve this by carefully evaluating your goals and specifics of your business and provide you with custom design, which is a very accurate representation of your business on-line.

Utilization of the most modern technologies for website design and application of the latest style trends, allow us to build websites, which stand out from the crowd and allow our clients to surpass competition very easy.

Nice looking website is only “the tip of the iceberg”. If you want to succeed on-line, you need your site to be error free, fast, well structured, optimized for search engines, mobile friendly. And when it comes to code, adherence to web standards, in-page SEO optimization, we can assure you, there are no cut corners.

What is included

While every business (or person) may have very different needs, here are some essential items, which are included with every website:

Item Description
Website design and development We collect information from you about your goals, specifics of your business, personal preferences and we prepare a website template. We will modify this template, until you like it. Once template is approved, we will prepare fully working website and upload it on-line.
Domain & Hosting We will assist you with domain and hosting purchase, setup domain and hosting accounts and upload your website on-line.
Analytics and Webmasters We will assist you (or setup for you) Google analytics and Google & Bing webmasters accounts and connect those accounts to your website. You need Analytics to see statistical data about website visitors and Webmasters account to see your website appearance in search engines to notify search engines about new content on your website.
Social Media Integration (SEM Optimization) We will assist you to setup social media accounts (Facebook page, Google+ page, Twitter, etc.), if necessary, and integrate social media into your website (follow links, like buttons, etc.).
Training We will provide basic training for new clients, during which we will explain how to use your website and perform all necessary activities:

  • How to change existing information
  • How to add new information pages, posts, graphics/images, etc.
  • How to monitor statistics for your website
  • Good ways and bad ways in promoting your website on-line
  • etc.
Support We will provide 6 month support for new websites for free. If anything goes wrong with your website, you can call us and ask for help.

Cost of website design and development

Great verity of business needs and specifics and our approach to website design make it unfair to provide generic, “one size fits all”, price. We encourage you to call us (416) 830-6640 for free estimate and we assure you, that we will provide the most cost effective solution for you.