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Project information

Urban Mama Cupcakes Screenshot
Industry: Bakery
Year: 2013

Clients, who have very well defined business goals, are our favorite clients. They know exactly what they want, and how they want to achieve it. This makes our work extremely easy, as websites we build for them is just a digital representation of their business on-line.

Georgina (the owner of the Urban Mama Cupcakes business) is the one of such clients. She knew what she wanted from very beginning. When we set to work on Urban Mama Cupcakes website it seemed it will be difficult to meet expectations, but thanks to well defined business goals, we exceeded her expectations providing tool she needed to help grow her cupcake business.

There was an urgency to get website on-line and just to get things going, we made a simple website with a child theme based on supplied with WordPress free theme and in a single day Urban Mama Cupcakes got on-line, and we set to work on proper new theme.

We prefer to develop custom themes (custom design and development) for our clients, rather than use purchased or free ones, because every business is different, and only custom developed theme will represent client’s business in the best way. Our themes customized for client needs not only from visual prospective, but also from feature set and functionality.

Also, purchased themes, by their nature, carry a huge ballast of things “just in case somebody need it…”, and such affects performance of the website. And performance has significant effect on website ranking.

Website features

Responsive design

This is responsive website and content of it resizes depending on a media it is viewed on. We optimized this website for 4 typical sizes (default Bootstrap framework resolutions): large and medium desktop, tablet and mobile.

Responsive design is an important aspect of website development, as Google (and probably soon other search engines too) will adjust your website ranking depending on mobile optimization.

Responsive design of Urban Mama Cupcakes Website

Custom product catalogue

WordPress coming with two typical content types by default: posts and pages. We added custom post type for cupcakes and custom taxonomy (category) for cupcakes type. Custom redirects were configured, so that cupcakes and menu pages are accessible with custom URL (such user friendly URLs improve SEO ranking).

Cupcakes Menu Administration
Cupcakes Menu

Beautiful product photography

Photography, in our opinion, is the jewel of any website on the web. We organized a photo session to capture all variations of cupcakes for product catalogue. You can see below several samples of pictures, but, if you interested, you can see how those beautiful photographs are showcased on Urban Mama Cupcakes website.

Urban Mama Cupcakes
Urban Mama Cupcakes
Urban Mama Cupcakes

Full page screenshot

Urban Mama Cupcakes Full Page Screenshot